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A 2022 series of playfully arranged tulips.

I live in Holland, MI, where Tulip Time reigns supreme.  Each year over six million tulips adorn our fair city, and thousands of people from all over the globe make the pilgrimage to enjoy them.  As a now local citizen, I associate Tulip Time with bad traffic and a ton of noise.  However, I love watching these flowers usher in the perfect Michigan summers we enjoy.  

Tulips are traditionally recognized as a symbol of Perfect Love; they are symmetrical in structure and represent the harmony of Creation.  Though uniform in that way, there are endless varieties.  For me, this is downright spiritual (like most things): God's love is perfect beyond understanding, and also unfathomably vast.  As Ephesians 3 says, may we "grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ and to know this love that surpasses knowledge"...a perfect love that reveals itself in a variety of ways this side of eternity, most tangibly through Christ himself.

  Most of these new works have an acrylic base and pastel line work before I color block with oil paint. 

All works are on a cradled & ready-to-hang wood panel.  

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