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Both bouquets and posies are types of floral arrangements: both can be made up of one highlighted bloom or a broad variety of flowers; both can be hand-tied or housed in a vase.  Yet the difference lies in their size.  Where bouquets are extravagant statement-making arrangements, posies (also referred to as a, right?) are a small bunch of flowers.  Where one is a shout, the other is a whisper.  

Posies gained popularity in the Victorian age when etiquette rules directed when was and wasn’t proper for someone to say.  Thus, floriography—the language of flowers—allowed for people to transcend strict social codes in order to say with flora what they couldn't say out loud.  Meanings of flowers were more universally understood, and even the way someone presented a posy contributed to the overall conveyed message.  

This collection features 20 small works of posies on paper, each with its own assigned meaning reflected in the titles.  All works are framed in a 9” by 11” raw wood frame with a handmade paper mat.  Each one is titled with words I either often say or desire to say to the people around me.  Feel free to give one of these pieces a home if one resonates, or perhaps pass one on in order to say something you’ve always wanted to. 

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