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I currently serve as the Program Coordinator for something called Hope Forward: a vision of Hope College that leverages the generosity and gratitude of a pay-it-forward approach in hopes to eventually provide fully-funded tuition for every Hope College student.


Currently, there three cohorts (a total of 80 of students) receiving this opportunity who are committed to annual giving post-graduation in order to help this vision flourish.  They are also dedicated to participation on a four-year, co-curricular program focused on virtue development around three pillars: community, access, and generosity.  Unlike selection based on academic merit or socioeconomic need, these 80 individuals received the opportunity to participate by answering a pivotal question: "How can you bring hope to areas of hopelessness?"

Poinsettias, chosen for their shape, are holiday symbols nodding to the star of Bethlehem — the guiding light to Jesus and His grace, providing an unexpected path forward for the world. I believe that on this side of eternity, we encounter our own stars of Bethlehem — beacons leading us to the One whose grace continuously unveils new, unexpected paths.  


Through their willingness to participate in something that paves the way for future students in the program are shining stars that will guide the sustainability of Hope College and, potentially, shape the landscape of funding in higher education.  Each work is titled after a moment during which a student exhibited a spirit of community, access, and generosity.  

  • If you are interested in learning more about Hope Forward, feel free to explore more here.  

  • If you'd like to give to the program, click here and select "Hope Forward Scholarships".

50% of all sales will go towards Hope Forward Scholarships.

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