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An ongoing series of home life with a botanical influence.

It all started with "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind," and Clementine's childhood chair: a gorgeous midcentury ochre-and-white patterned piece that only appears for a second or two, but that chair lit a fire in me.  For weeks, I scoured Pinterest for vintage patterns and textile designs, allowing each one to soak in.  
As a kid, I wanted to be an interior designer.  I turned my little wooden bookshelf into a three-story house and built furniture for it, placing things in a manner that followed collaged layouts I'd made from cutting up Better Homes and Gardens.  Rearranging my bedroom brought me to life.  A desire to curate and display each of my belongings grew strong in me, and even at 30 my home is simply one continuous collection of items with stories: family pieces restored by my great-grandpa Peterson; found furniture that spans centuries; old radios that hum a little; and more flowers than you can count.  
Each of these paintings depicts a fictional scene I'd love to inhabit, with flowers always somewhere in the space.  This series is an ode to two Erins: the little girl who aimed to foster beauty in the spaces she'd come to occupy, and the Erin today who is moved to her core by things like well-designed  chairs in movies.
& even then (and still now), she was (and still is) most at home among flowers.  
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